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  • (Stück) 18-Sound 1
  • (Stück) 18-Sound 1
(Stück) 18-Sound 1

(Stück) 18-Sound 1" Treiber HD1030

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Artikelnummer: 18S-HD1030
Preis: 78,00 €
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1'' Hochtontreiber mit Titanmembran, 30 W (>2kHz), 34 mm VC, 106 dB/W/m, 8 Ohm, 1 - 20kHz, empf. Einsatz ab 1,8kHz,  Abm.  91 x 51mm,  Gewicht 1kg



  • 1 inch exit throat
  • 106 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity
  • 34,4 mm (1 1/3 inch) voice coil diameter
  • 60 Watt program power handling
  • Titanium diaphragm
  • Proprietary phase plug design
  • Usable in two way or multiway systems


The HD1030 1 inch exit high frequency compression driver has been designed for use in two-way audio systems. The transducer exhibits a constant slope response from 1.5kHz to 18kHz with a uniform and smooth roll-off. With a 800 Hz free air resonance frequency, the HD1030 can easily be cut-off at 1800Hz and is capable of 60W continuous power handling with a 1800Hz pink-noise signal, and a 6dB crest factor with a minimum 12dB/oct crossover slope. Equipped with unique Phase Plug architecture, the HD1030 has been designed to give a smooth coherent wavefront at the horn entrance in the whole working frequency range, as well as high level manufacturing consistency. The phase plug with its short openings and high flare rate value assures low distortion and demonstrates remarkable improvements in mid-high frequency reproduction.

The titanium diaphragm assembly, with its ellipsoidal suspension shape, exhibits a constant slope response from 1.5kHz up to 18kHz with uniform smooth roll-off behavior. An edge-wound aluminum voice coil, wound on proprietary treated Nomex, completes the diaphragm assembly. Nomex shows a 30% higher value of tensile elongation at a working operative temperature (200°C) when compared to Kapton. This feature enables proper energy transfer control from the voice coil to the dome in real working conditions. Moreover, this proprietary former material is also suitable for use in higher moisture content environments. The HD1030 powerful ceramic magnet assembly has been designed to obtain 15 KGauss in the gap within a compact ferrite motor structure.

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